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Our mission is simple at Berch Printing Minneapolis: create effective print marketing that is targeted, attention-grabbing and creates positive results.
As a comprehensive source for all your print and marketing projects, we provide print and marketing communication services to businesses in the Twin Cities and beyond. From long-run offset printing and personalized direct mail to signage, we cover it all and provide cost-efficient solutions for all projects.

Our team is filled with experienced and proven professionals specializing in graphic design, copywriting, database preparation, quality assurance and fulfillment to maximize efficiency and offer a quick turnaround on your projects.

Give us a call or send us a message. Our team will work one-on-one with you to accomplish your goals with positive results.


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Printing is an inevitable facet of any business, especially in advertising. Many businesses and their customers will always prefer print marketing materials, especially high-quality ones, for the simplest reason that it works. Promoting your products, services, and your company using printed materials is an effective method to gain attention and attract customers. For most customers, printed materials are the first and most effective way for them to know about a product or service. Think about the signage and posters you see in the mall, think about the colorful package of products in the grocery store. You may have amazing content, product, or services but that would not reach your target customers if they do not see or even touch it. Berch Printing Minneapolis would love to create incredible print products for your company or event that will blow away your potential clients!

There are hundreds of printing products that can be used for marketing, packaging, and signage. Together, they offer excellent branding options for your business. Many consumers receive their first impression with products and businesses through a printed copy, be that in the form of a poster or signage. The quality of printed materials reflects the quality of service you can render to these potential customers as well as the level of standards you carry for your business. If your consumers receive or see an ad that uses poor quality printing and cheap materials, it gives the impression that your company is cheap, struggling or mediocre. This would turn them off and they will look elsewhere for service or products. However, if your audience is exposed to high-grade marketing materials, they will see your business as reliable and legitimate, that is worthy of their dollars.


Some consumers are also sentimental about a product or brand. They will keep items that have significant meaning to them. These items could be cards, stickers, envelopes, or packaging. They are kept as memorabilia or in support of their favorite product or brand. These consumers are much more likely to keep these items if they are well-made and well-designed. Berch Printing Minneapolis uses only the highest grade premium bright white stock which provides the richest colors, incredible durability and the quality feel you expect from your print products.


Do you think the rise of video and digital marketing products has diminished the importance of printing products? If you think yes, you should think again. Digital and video messages have revolutionized marketing communications, but that does not mean print marketing products have lost any ground. On the contrary, print marketing products have seen a resurgence in recent years. The tangibility of print advertising provides the ability to leave an impression which is unmatched by any other form of marketing.


Print media still carries a lot of credibility and it is increasingly receiving better responses from the consumers. Printing products for marketing come in every shape and size, having the right team on your side is important to get the right message to your consumers. The professionals at Berch Printing want to get to know your company, your vision, and your goals to make sure you're reaching potential clients the right way.


The physical form of printed material that you can touch and feel will always be an important factor in advertising. An aesthetically designed and printed brochure or catalog has an enduring appeal that a similar digital product may not have. As modern printing uses better technologies and materials, the results are hard to ignore for both businesses and the target audience. At Berch Printing we only use the best materials and equipment to ensure your final product is the best available on the market.

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If you are ready to add your company or product to this list of satisfied clients be sure to reach out to us today! We are passionate about print marketing and will do everything in our power to make your project an absolute success. Pride in our work shows with our personal, hands on, one on one service that is lost with big box printing firms. Berch Printing is your local Minneapolis print source that will take your advertising and branding to the next level!

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